Hot Rails for Stratocaster SHR-1b (Puente) White

$ 2,650.00

Ya sea que quieras combinarla con una humbucker en el puente, o bien; si quieres armarte del set cool , hot , vintage.. esta pastilla te dara el sonido brilloso de una single coil, solo que con un poco mas de patada y sin ruido.




High output single-coil-size "rails" humbucker. Great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal and nu-metal.

One of the highest output and most popular pickups we make. The two thin blades, strong ceramic magnet and powerful coil windings give you the incredible sustain and a fat, full sound that's needed for playing heavier rock music. This pickup responds to the subtlest finger movements. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.

complete setup
Available for both bridge and neck/middle positions. For an incredibly versatile guitar, use an SHR-1b in the bridge position along with an SVR-1n Vintage Rails in the middle and an SCR-1n Cool Rails in the neck.

For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

available mods
Choose white, black, cream and parchment housing.

Janick Gers & Dave Murray / Iron Maiden, Troy VanLeeuwen & Josh Homme / Queens of the Stone Age, Greg Camp / Smashmouth, Jim Wilson / Rollins Band


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