Boss Katana 50 MKII EX

$ 7,989.00


BOSS Katana 50 MKII EX Guitar Amplifier

  • Stage-class 50 watt combo with Tube Logic approach that delivers power, punch and proximity.
  • The Katana-50 MkII EX expands the capabilities of the popular Katana-50 MkII amp with even more performance flexibility in the same easily transportable design.
  • GA-FC and GA-FC EX compatibility allows for selecting saved Tone Settings, turning effects on and off with the dedicated foot controller.
  • Smart line out output for PA with cabinet simulation, plus the ability to link up with another Katana MkII amp for stereo operation.
  • The MkII EX gives you more sounds, more effects and more adjustment options.
  • 5 amp characters with 5 variations.
  • Connect to Boss Tone Studio software via USB for even more options and settings - more than 60 Boss effects.
  • With this amp, the stage is set for lots of creativity and endless possibilities.



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