Wildwood-Exclusive ODS-181 (USADO)

de Jetter
$ 3,899.00
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The Wildwood-exclusive Jetter ODS-181 is an overdrive pedal that is the product of taken several years of careful, meticulous experimentation and development. After much back-and-forth and many prototypes, the ODS-181 is the culmination of an incredible collaborative effort between Jeter and Wildwood. It didn’t just have to meet my expectations and standards, though, because the entire team at Wildwood had to play, evaluate and sign off on it and give their stamp of approval. As many of you may know, Steve at Wildwood owns multiple amps built by one of the most prestigious amplifier brands on the planet. This pedal’s circuit is based on his favorite example of those rare amps. The ODS-181 is a sonic clone of that particular amplifier and it has the same sound, touch sensitivity, and tone color that makes these legendary amplifiers so desirable. Truly, it is a Valhalla-worthy overdrive, and I have no doubt it will inspire you to no end.

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