Washburn PXS20EC Parallaxe Carbon Black

$ 14,800.00

Washburn PXS20EC Parallaxe Carbon Black

The PXS series represents our determination to build the perfect rock and metal guitar for today's most demanding professional players. These guitars are loaded with features eliminating the need for aftermarket modification. With comfortable access to the highest frets, big tone and fast necks you won't find a better choice for your recording and live performance.

Stephen's Cutaway / Full Access Set Neck Joint
The PXS20EC features a full access neck joint (set neck), which allows for completely unrestricted access up to the last fret. These guitars will allow your left hand to play all over the neck without having to change the hand position.

Grover 18:1 / Locking Tuners
All non tremolo equipped guitars feature Grover 18:1 locking tuners.

USA Pickups
The PXS20EC is loaded with EMG active pickups. These guitars are designed for rock & metal, therefore we optimized the pickup selection to achieve a perfect metal tone right out of the box.

Buzz Feiten
The Buzz Feiten tuning system solves tuning and intonation problems that regular guitars have, and it allows for perfect chords and intervals throughout the neck.

Super Jumbo Frets
All Parallaxe guitars are fitted with Super Jumbo Frets, for more precise and faster playing.

Series/Parallel Push/Pull Switches
Series/parallel switch for each pickup gives maximum tonal versatility, still without the hum.

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