$ 1,890.00

Un noise Gate para toda tu cadena de Pedales

El Silencer es uno de esos pedales que puedes tener prendido todo el tiempo. ya sea que quieras silenciar tu cadena de pedales, o no dejar pasar el molesto ruido que te generan los pedales de saturacion.

A sophisticated noise gate that can tame a single pedal or an entire effects loop! The Silencer’s three-control layout provides precise fine-tuning to fit your system, axe and playing style. Threshold adjusts how much level is required to open the noise gate and allow a signal to pass thru. Reduction regulated the degree to which the gated signal is reduced and is variable between -70dB and +4dB. Release controls how long the gate remains open after the signal drops below the Threshold. Release time is variable between 8ms and 4 seconds.

I/O includes ¼ inch Input, Output, Send and Return jacks. The footswitch selects whether The Silencer is engaged or in bypass mode; buffered bypass allows the effects loop to remain in your signal path when the gate is bypassed. A built-in AC jack accepts a standard power supply like the EHX 9.6DC unit (optional) and the pedal comes with a 9V battery.

Conquer noise with The Silencer!


– Three controls for precise fine-tuning
– Use it as an inline noise gate or to gate an entire effects loop
– Delivers up to -70dB of noise reduction
– Features 8ms to 4 seconds of release time
– Buffered bypass
– Compact design, rugged chassis
– Equipped with a 9V battery and accepts a standard EHX 9.6DC/200 AC Adaptor (optional)

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