Thali Ibanez BWS90 Bass Workshop Strap

de Ibanez
$ 790.00

    • Product Name
    • Ibanez Bass Workshop Strap
    • Description
    • Ibanez BWS series "Bass Workshop" straps are made especially for the needs of bass players. The wide, padded and heavy duty straps provide supreme playing comfort.
    • Notes
    • •Length: 1020mm (min) - 1250mm (max)
      •Ultra-wide 90mm width reduces shoulder fatigue and stress.
      •The comfortable padding inside have square-shaped bumps to minimize unwanted movement while playing.
      •The outer side is made of heavy-duty, long lasting polyester.

    • Max length
    • 1250mm
    • Length of the pad
    • 490mm
    • Width of the pad
    • 90mm
    • Thickness of the pad
    • 10mm
    • Weight
    • 120g

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