Shure Sm57

de Shure
$ 2,709.00

Uno de los microfonos para instrumento mas usados en el mundo tanto como para grabaciones como para tocar en vivo. Totamente de batalla y con un sonido legandario.

Pick up a Shure SM57, and you've got a great dynamic microphone for life. Accounts of its heroic toughness lie at the center of countless music-industry legends, most of which are perfectly true. What's also true about the SM57 is that it sounds great on a wide variety of sources. Probably more than 90% of the snare drums and a good chunk of the guitar cabinets and vocal tracks recorded in the last several decades owe their sound to the SM57. Pick one up, and you'll find out why more live sound professionals and seasoned studio engineers swear by the Shure SM57 than any
microphone on the planet.


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