de Pig Hog
$ 1,200.00

The Pig Hog microphone isolation shield is the perfect portable sound booth. The three porous plastic panels provide an initial layer of sound reflection protection to reduce sonic coloration. The panel cases are filled with strategically shaped, extra fat, high-density foam to eliminate remaining sonic interference. The three panels can be folded for easy storage and transport and can be set at any angle to provide optimal sound isolation. The versatile, free-standing shield can be placed directly onto a flat surface or mounted to a microphone stand. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the Pig Hog Microphone Isolation Shield provides the perfect portable, protective barrier for sound recording.

-Extra fat, high density, sound isolating foam panels.

-Can be placed directly on a flat surface, or mounted to a microphone stand.

-Hinged three-panel design can be adjusted for optimal sound isolation or storage.

-47 cm wide x 32 cm tall x 16 cm deep when flat (each panel measures 15 cm wide x 30 cm tall x 4.5 cm deep)

-Limited lifetime guarantee.

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