Monoprice Dual-Screen Pop-Filter

$ 499.00

Improve the sound of your vocal performance or podcast by using this Dual-Screen Pop Filter from Monoprice™.

A "pop" filter is designed to reduce or eliminate the "popping" or sibilance sound caused by the pronunciation of some sounds, such as the letter "p" in English. Additionally it can protect the delicate microphone components from the corrosive effects of the salts contained in human saliva.

This 6.1" (155mm) diameter pop filter includes an acoustically semitransparent nylon material on both sides, for double the protection of ordinary pop filters. The "C" clamp at the base is easily attached to a microphone stand and the 13" flexible gooseneck allows it to be perfectly positioned for maximum effect.


  • Mesh pop screens: 2 screens on the same frame
  • Clamp for stands: 1.0" (25mm)
  • Outer Diameter of screen: 6.1" (155mm)
  • Length of arm from base to filter: 13.0" (330mm)

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