Monoprice 615220 - Amplificador de auriculares (4 canales)

$ 1,499.00

Descripción del producto

Expand your headphone monitoring capabilities with the addition of this 4-channel Headphone Amplifier from Monoprice! This amplifier features four 1/4; (6.35mm) amplified headphone outputs, each with its own independent volume control. It features an extremely clean amplifier circuit, which produces a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 98dB. It accepts line-level audio input over the stereo RCA jacks on the back or headphone level through the optional 1/4; TRS jack. A switch on the back allows you to choose a mono or stereo output. The amplifier is powered by the included 12 VDC/500mA AC adapter. Specifications: Inputs: 2x RCA and 1x 1/4; (6.35mm) TRS Input Impedance: 100 K-ohms (unbalanced) Outputs: 4x 1/4; (6.35mm) TRS Output Impedance: minimum 10 ohms per channel Maximum Output Level: +22dB Maximum Gain: 20dB per channel Signal to Noise Ratio: > 98dB

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