Kawai 1978-79 F1-Jr.l (USADO)

de Kawai
$ 16,499.00
En muy buen estado, guitarra vintage hecha en Japon.

Kawai made many guitar in 1960's. They sold Kawai Brand, also Teisco brand.
However, in 1970's, they mostly make OEM products for Fernandes and others.
In late 70's, the sales of guitars were very good. Then, they started their original
guitars again. F-I series are pretty much like B.C. Rich or Alembic guitars.

I think late 79, Kawai offer F-I Jr. F-I was so expensive that time (List Price JYE 120-130,000).
Maybe the sales was not really good against Greco, Fernandes, Aria and Tokai.
So, they offered Jr. as low price range.

The difference between F-I and Jr. are only electric controls.
F-I has a booster and Pre-Amp on the control. Jr. has single/Hum switch and Phase Switch
only. Well, I like this controls better than F-I.
Pre-Amp and booster are useless for latest sound making.

Almost mint condition. Very few scratches.
The neck is fine, frets are good condition.
Of course, the electronics are original and fine condition.

The hard case seems to be original, but no Kawai marking.
Good tone guitar. I don't know how much we need if we order this kind of guitar now.

I have been collecting many though neck guitars like, Aria, Greco, Fernandes and Fresher.
This is my first Kawai which I have very often seen at Kawai Shinjuku Shop (They closed) in late 70's.

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