Ibanez SRC6 Bass Guitar - Walnut Flat

de Ibanez
$ 16,900.00

6-string Bass Style with EMG Tone!

As a 6-string bass player, you might feel like you're stuck between either trying to scrape together enough money for a high-end model, or settling for a budget beginner model you'll never really like. The Ibanez SRC6 is one of those rare mid-level 6-string bass models that comes through Sweetwater from time to time, offering a set of solid hardware, great-sounding pickups, and flexible electronics, all for an incredible value. Between its great-feeling 5-piece jatoba and bubinga neck, EMG 35HZ pickups, 3-band EQ, and Tight End bridge, the SRC6 is everything you need in a 6-string and more!



Your hands will love this ultra-playable jatoba and bubinga neck

The Ibanez SRC6 sports one of the most playable bass necks we've played here at Sweetwater - even for a 6-string! You start with an amazingly thin 5-piece jatoba and bubinga neck that's perfectly matched with the SR6 Prestige bolt-on design. The nut is also thinner than you'll find on almost any production instrument. You won't believe just how fast this neck plays and how effortlessly you can access the SRC6's upper frets. The jatoba fingerboard offers a strong, tight sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain pattern and abalone oval inlays.

Define your tone with a pair EMG 35HZ pickups and a 3-band EQ

If you like warm and fat bass tone, then you're going to love the SRC6's EMG pickups. The culmination of over 30 years of pickup design, EMG's 35HZ bass humbuckers use their ceramic and steel design to provide you with smooth attack, level highs, and low end that's as warm as it is focused. What's more, the SRC6 features Ibanez's EQB-IIID 3-band EQ, which features offset midrange boost and cut frequencies to offer you an incredible range of tone. Together, these electronics let you dial in the ideal sound, no mater what kind of music you play or technique you use.

Tight End bridge with Saddle Lock system delivers comfort and stability

One of the things few bass players consider enough when they're picking out a new axe is how comfortable the bridge is. For most of us, a bridge is just the thing that keeps your action under control and your intonation in check. And the Tight End bridge on the SRC6 does both of these things very well. But lots of techniques (palm muting, dead slaps, etc) require your hand to sit on or brush past the bridge. You'll find that the smooth sides and rounded profile of the Tight End bridge make the SRC6 an incredibly forgiving instrument to play.

Ibanez SRC6 6-string Bass Features:

  • An affordable 6-string bass that plays like a professional instrument
  • EMG 35HZ humbuckers deliver the warm sound of steel and ceramic
  • EQB-IIID 3-band EQ with asymmetrical midrange boost/cut lets you dial in the perfect tone
  • 5-piece jatoba and bubinga SR6 neck plays great, feels wonderful, and offers up tons of sustain
  • Ultra-stable Tight End bridge with Saddle Lock system is super easy on your hand

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