Hot Rodded Set (Jb y Jazz) SH-4 (Bridge) + SH-2n (Neck) PEDIDO ESPECIAL 2 SEMANAS APROX

$ 3,749.00

Jazz? Blues? Country? Metal? Lo que toques, esta combinación de pastillas te la da. Este set de pastillas se creo en el 74 por Duncan, y hasta la fecha sigue siendo la favorita de muchos. Versatilidad en su maxima expresion. Este set viene con cable de 4 conductores por si quieres hacer split coil o sacar de fase para un excelente tono de jazz o blues. lo que pidas, esta combinación te lo da.


Seymour created this classic humbucker combination while in England in 1974, and it remains his favorite today: an SH-4 JB™ for the bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model™ for the neck. Together they provide one of the most versatile humbucker combinations available.

The JB™ owes its popularity to over-wound coils, which provide high output with just the right amount of sustain and distortion--perfect for searing leads. Seymour matched the JB with a Jazz Model™ in the neck for calibrated output and a clear, bright sound--perfect for articulate rhythm playing. This set is great for everything from hard blues to heavy rock. It comes with four-conductor cable for trick switching options. A wiring diagram and mounting hardware are included.

The JB is designed for bridges with traditional string spacing of 1.925" or 48.9mm measured over the bridge pickup.


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