Groove Tubes 928 PR (Power Reducer) BSTOCK

$ 1,499.00

New from Groove Tubes is the GT Power Reducer. Designed for tube amplifier players who love the tones produced at high volumes but require lower volumes for live sound or recording purposes, the GT Power Reducer allows for power reduction up to 75% without changing the tone the player expects, according to the company. Available immediately, the GT Power Reducer are packaged in matched duets of GTEL84S tubes, and will be available from Groove Tubes dealers for an MSRP of $120 (USD)....

The GT Power Reducer allows guitarists and other musicians to substitute high-power EL34, 6L6 or 6V6 tubes with a lower power EL84 (the power tube made famous in the Vox AC30). Installing the GT Power Reducer requires no bias adjustment... just plug in and play. The amp easily converts back to original power tubes, also with no bias required. It also converts the amp into a Class A design, further reducing power and increasing the "grease" factor. The GT Power Reducer will work nicely on any amp with plate voltages below 450DVC, which includes the vast majority of amps on the market today and yesterday.

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