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Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander

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Octava abajo y arriba con capacidad para suboctavas. Fuzz integrado! Este Sintetizador monofonico harà que tus tonos limpios y sutiles se llenen de la suciedad necesaria para reventarle los oidos a tu publico ;) . Hecho a mano en Akron Ohio por los magos de Earthquaker Devices.


EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander

Harkening back to the fat synth tones of yore, the Bit Commander From EarthQuaker Devices is a monophonic analog guitar synth that will shake your world apart. Its straight forward, no frills control panel allows you to easily dial in some killer octave tones. From ripping sub-octave thump to a swelling transformer based octave up this unit has it all.

EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander

The EarthQuaker Bit Commander makes it easy to dial in the right amount of octave by giving you control over how much sub, octave-down and octave-up you want. Pair that with the "Base" knob, to adjust the squared input signal level and you are set to rock. If all this wasn't enough, EarthQuaker has provided a tone control, labeled "Filter" and a Level knob to adjust the overall output, making the Bit Commander a force to be reckoned with.

EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander

    • Sub - Two octaves Down level
    • Down 1 - One octave down level
    • Up 1 - One octave up level
    • Base - Squared input level
    • Level - Master Volume
    • Filter - Tone Control
    • Power - Standard 9volt DC supply


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