DiMarzio DP180BK Air Norton S Single Coil Pickup

$ 1,920.00

DiMarzio DP180 Air Norton S Strat Pickup Black

  • High Output Hum Cancelling Strat Pickup
  • For Neck or Bridge Position
  • Ceramic Magnets, Dual Rails Design
  • Four Conductor Wiring

The DiMarzio Air Norton S is the Strat replacement version of the full-size Air Norton. It's warm sounding, very well balanced, and has the same unique tonal characteristics as the original. The original Air Norton wasn't designed for a specific position or type of guitar, but it's become most popular in the neck position of trem-equipped guitars for progressive music. The S version is also a very good bridge pickup for all types of rock. Its combination of medium output and harmonic bite are very effective for single-note soloing as well as chords.The DP180 pickup is recommended for all positions.Tech Talk: The original Airbuckers have an air gap between the magnet and the pole pieces. The Air Norton S doesn't have this feature, but the sound, output and feel are so similar to the original that DiMarzio couldn't call it anything else. It's very good in the neck position with a Tone Zone S or Super Distortion S in the bridge, or in the bridge position with a Pro Track or Chopper in the neck. DiMarzio likes the Cruiser or Fast Track 1 in the middle with either setup for brighter sounds in the 2, 3 and 4 positions.

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