Mod Shop Patriot Instinct Duncan BLUE FADE

$ 21,827.00

Mod Shop Patriot Instinct Duncan

The Patriot Instinct remains one of our best selling Patriot models of all-time, it is a potent combination of performance, looks and playability. We love to explore new places to go with the Instinct sonically. For this Mod Shop version we teamed with Seymour Duncan. They had the perfect match for this guitar with their P-Rails pickup set and Triple Shot switching system. The P-Rails are essentially three pickups in one and allows players to choose between P-90, single coil, and full humbucking settings. The Triple Shot switching system expands the tonal option even further with coil splitting and series/parallel options. In fact combining a set of Duncan P-Rails and 2 Triple Shots gives you 24 different tones at your fingertips. The Mod Shop Duncan Patriot Instinct is hands down the most tonally versatile Patriot we've ever offered.

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