Audix CABGRAB1 Microphone Clamp for Guitar Amps & Cabinets

$ 1,600.00

Audix CABGRAB1 Microphone Clamp for Guitar Amps & Cabinets
Compact Mic Clamp for Amps and Cabinets with Depth of 8-14 inches

The CabGrabber (CABGRAB1) is a tension-fit microphone holder that clamps on to most combo amps or cabinets between 8"-14" in depth. Can be used with any microphone weighing up to 16 oz.  It is ideal for the Audix i5, but can be used with a variety of dynamic microphones. USER TIPS: One of the advantages of the Cab Grabber Is that It can be placed on either side of the cabinet and positioned at any height. It is also possible to mount the Cab Grabber over the top of the cabinet, which is very useful on cabinets having an angled front baffle.


  • An innovative miking solution for guitar amps and cabinets
  • Allows for precise positioning
  • Simple, elegant, compact and easy to use 
  • No tools required 
  • Adjustable, tension held 
  • Mic arm hand tightens firmly into position 
  • Holds mics weighing up to 1 pound (.45 Kilos) 
  • Works on cabinets with flat or recessed edge 
  • Clamps to side or top of cabinet  
  • Durable steel construction

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