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Dean Markley Strings!

What kind of artists use Dean Markley Strings? The list is a "who's who" of guitarists and bassists covering all genres of music. Among the Dean Markley faithful are guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen, David Letterman and session bass player Will Lee, George Strait and his entire band, Joe Bonamassa, Mike Mushok with Staind, Phoenix with Linkin Park, Sarah McLachlan... we could go on like this for a LONG time! The thing these artists have in common is their reliance on Dean Markley Strings to make their music sing, gig after gig and sesson after session. If you want to get the most out of your guitar or bass, put on a set of Dean Markley Strings and join the club.

Dean Markley Nickel Steel Bass Strings
The cornerstone of Dean Markley Strings. Nickel Steel Electric sports new graphics, tarnish resistant individual envelopes and an Environmental box. Nickel Steel Electrics sound fantastic and last a super long time.

Dean Markley Nickel Steel Bass - on top of the best-seller's list year after year.

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