Guitarra Acustica Michael Kelly Forte Exotic Zebra

$ 9,890.00

Forte Exotic Zebra

When you first lay eyes on the Forte Exotic Zebra you can not help but notice the striking appearance. That is thanks to the exotic Zebra top. The styling is enhanced thanks to the Okoume back and sides and the addition of black binding and hardware. The sonic performance is just as striking as the Forte Exotic's look. These woods combine to give you a full-bodied rich and deep tone. We further improve that performance via our Port Technology which positions the soundhole off center and opens up a larger soundboard.

Want to plug it in? No problem. The Forte Exotic JE includes a complete Fishman system. It is active and includes volume, contour and phase controls along with a built in tuner.

The Forte Exotic Zebra is a great instrument and value, check out all of the details below.


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